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Community Information

Stay up to date with all of the latest news in relation to the Artarmon Road, Willoughby project.
Click here to read our fourth quarterly update.

Construction Update - April 2022 

Since works began onsite in November 2020, Mirvac has achieved some significant milestones including:
Dismantling the 233m transmission tower;
Completion of demolition and major excavation works, with the remaining civil works nearing finalisation  
Commencement of the structure for the first five buildings on the eastern half of the site, with the next five not far behind. 

In the next quarter, residents are likely to see the installation of another two tower cranes and concrete booms as well as installation of the scaffolding around the buildings. With the apartment buildings structure progressing swiftly, you will soon begin seeing the buildings rising up over the hoarding.

For more information on the ongoing works as well as information on the landscaping, please click the link above to read the detailed update.


Construction Update - December 2021 

Recognising the proximity of some residents to the work site, Mirvac is committed to keeping our community informed about onsite activities throughout the delivery of this project.  Since commencing onsite in November 2020, Mirvac have achieved the following key project milestones:

- Completion of demolition works on the main site;
- Completion of the transmission tower dismantle;
- Commencement of civil and authority works, which have seen substantial progress to date; and
- The assembly of the first two tower cranes on site which will play a key role in the construction of the project.

The civil and remedial works onsite are well underway with the Stage 1 civil works now complete and the Stage 2 civil work continuing to progress. Bulk excavation and detailed excavation works are anticipated to continue through to early 2022, with the remaining civil works expected to be completed towards the middle of 2022.

Following community feedback, Mirvac engaged with relevant authorities, including Council, Sydney Water and Transport for NSW, to review whether there was an opportunity to reschedule the Stage 2 and 3 works during standard construction hours. Due to the location of the works being close to a major intersection, this was not possible, and the proposed works are still required by authorities to be undertaken after hours.

In consideration of community feedback regarding the proposed after hours works, Mirvac have taken the initiative not to commence these works until January to minimise any possible disruption to our neighbours over the holiday period.


Construction Update - July 2021

Preparatory works, including the installation of safety control measures and demolition of onsite building, are complete and the crane erection works are scheduled to be completed shortly.

An exclusion zone has been established around the tower site to ensure the continuous safety of those in proximity to the tower. This exclusion zone will remain in place throughout the dismantle process and includes Walter Street Reserve, a portion of Richmond Avenue and a section of the Mirvac site.

Traffic controllers will remain in place throughout the process to manage the partial exclusion zone on Richmond Avenue.

The redevelopment of The Loft building is well underway with the intended purpose for The Loft; to operate our display gallery and project office from the newly refurbished building.

The upcoming works over the next quarter will include the commencement of the basement construction, the removal of the tower as well as the commencement of authority works outside the boundaries of the site. These works will be undertaken as part of Sydney Water requirements with some parts potentially requiring late night works, where surrounding residents will be notified closer to commencement.

Construction Update - April 2021

For the last 12-18 months, Mirvac has been working with leading industry consultants and contractors to develop the methodology required to facilitate the safe dismantling and removal of the TX Tower from the site.

Following the demolition of the onsite building, the TX Tower will be dismantled in sections via a tower crane using a top-down approach. An area within the neighbouring Channel 9 site will be made available to sort materials for recycling, and to create a staging area to enable the establishment of specialist equipment and laydown areas for dismantled materials.

Works are scheduled to commence from May 2021.


A work zone permit will be submitted to Council shortly to establish Richmond Road as a partial exclusion zone for the works. This will mean that during working hours the parking and driving lanes on the eastern side (fronting the site) will become a work zone and the road reduced to a single lane of traffic. Traffic control will be in place and the road returned to a dual carriageway after hours. The eastern parking lane will be temporarily closed, however the parking lane on the western side will be maintained.

Construction Update - November 2020

In accordance with the development consent issued by Willoughby Council, Mirvac are preparing to commence and undertake site establishment and demolition works to the existing buildings on the Channel 9 site.

Site establishment works are scheduled to commence mid-November 2020. Upon completion of these activities, works will progress into the demolition phase. Subject to site and weather conditions, it is anticipated that demolition works will take approximately 6 months to complete.

The upcoming works over the next 6 months will include, but may not be limited to; establishment of site perimeter fencing, protection of adjacent buildings and structures, erection of site accommodation, establishment of tree protection zones, services decommissioning, infrastructure and augmentation works, demolition and soft strip out of existing building fittings & fixtures and waste removal


To help minimise the impact to surrounding residents, demolition traffic will utilise Scott Street as the primary entry and exit point via dedicated gates. All loading and unloading of materials will be undertaken within the site boundary.

Where infrastructure and augmentation works interface with external footpaths, works will be appropriately managed using footpath closures and localised traffic controllers to safely manage pedestrian and vehicle movement.


In accordance with the development consent, works will take place between 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, and 7:00am to 3:00pm on Saturdays.

The Christmas and New Year shut down period will be between 24 December 2020 to 4 January 2021. 

Lodgment of Development Applications - November 2020

To date, seven applications have been lodged to the Willoughby City Council, seeking approval for the following works

- Demolition (Channel 9 Site): This application was approved by Willoughby Council in June 2020 and permits the demolition of the existing buildings on the Channel 9 Site.

- Demolition (TXA Tower Site): This application was approved by Willoughby Council in September 2020 and permits the demolition of the existing tower structure and associated facilities located on the TXA Tower Site.

- Early and Civil Works: Site wide civil and remediation works to be undertaken on the Channel 9 Site.

-External Public Domain Works: Public domain embellishments to select areas of Artarmon Road, Scott Street and Richmond Avenue surrounding the site.

- Stages 1 and 2 Redevelopment (Channel 9 Site): Construction and delivery of 409 residential dwellings across 9 separate buildings, landscaping and other associated works in accordance with the Concept Plan approval. The applications address other key elements of the proposed works such as parking, non-residential uses and public open space. The proposal generally consistent with the Concept Plan approval. The applications propose the delivery of the project in two separate stages, however, it is Mirvac’s current intention to deliver the site concurrently.

- New low-rise residential building on the TXA Tower Site: This application details a proposal to construct and deliver a low-rise residential building of 36 residential dwellings in accordance with the Concept Plan approval.

- Loft Building: Change of Use and Fit Out application to permit the temporary use of the building as the project’s Sales Suite and Project Office. Uses may also include small scale retail which will be complementary to the Sales Suite and office accommodation use

Mirvac acknowledge that each application will be made available on Willoughby Council’s website, and publicly exhibited for a period of time following lodgement. If any community member wishes to obtain any further information regarding any of the abovementioned applications, we recommend visiting Willoughby City Council’s website, or contacting Willoughby Council.


Mirvac acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the country on which we stand, the Cammeraygal people of the Guringai nation and we recognise their enduring connection to the land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present. 

Artwork: ‘Reimagining Country’, created by Riki Salam (Mualgal, Kaurareg, Kuku Yalanji) of We are 27 Creative.